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Hearthstone Deck Collections and Guide

In this article, we have a simple guidelines about all the requirements to build a hearthstone deck. First lets talk about cards, as they were divided in different categories like set, rarity, buff, race, etc. for e.g.
– Class cards and Neutral cards
– Beast, Demon, Dragon, Mech, Murloc, Pirate, Totem
– Basic, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary
– Battlecry, Deathrattle, Discover, Inspire, Taunt, Charge, Windfury, Stealth, etc

Strength of the deck depend on the properties of your cards as mentioned above and how these properties will synergies with other cards for example Doomhammer with Rockbiter Weapon, etc.

Build deck of your own choice

Building decks of your choice make you more comfortable because while constructing decks you have studied the class very well and familiar to all synergies in your deck. Also winning a game with a deck you built yourself is more satisfying than using high win rate meta decks. Every player has different playstyle like control, fatigue, aggro, mid-range etc. Here you can explore many tournament decks, ladder and latest meta decks. Study them understand their playstyle and synergies and then execute then with different set of cards. Hearthstone provides many new cards through expansions and adventure that discover new playstyle, buffs and synergies.

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